Useful Tips for Preschool Parents

Written by Alisa

Consultation for parents in kindergarten

❀ The position of parents should be based on trust and respect for their child.

❀ It is important to consider the individual characteristics of the child and not overload him.

❀ Let your child feel the growth of their abilities.

❀ Show a keen interest in the life of the child, in his joys and sorrows.

❀ Laugh with him, have fun, joke, play.

❀ Encourage your child’s desire to ask questions, argue, express their own opinions, and affirm their position.

❀ Teach your child to respectfully express and prove their opinions without screaming, resentment or annoyance.

❀ Apologize to the child if for any reason you have committed tactlessness towards him.

❀ Try to avoid harsh criticism of the child’s erroneous actions. Better invite him to find the mistake and fix it.

❀ Do not over-praise the child so as not to form a high self-esteem in him.

❀ Encourage the search, research activities of the baby, teach him to think, reason, find the most different ways and solutions to the same problem.

❀ Do not force the child to engage, but interest him in new activities.

❀ Visit museums, theaters, exhibitions with your child. Listen to classical music, read folk tales, watch good short cartoons. Share your impressions.

❀ Talk with your child about good and evil, about love and hate, about the ability to understand other people and forgive them.

❀ Be a perfect role model for a child, and then he will be able to absorb all the most beautiful and good. Your lifestyle and actions are an example for children. It is not without reason that folk wisdom says: “As you sow, you will reap” or “Good seed is good and seedling”.

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